Why You Should Hire a Graduation Photographer


Graduation is such a big step, and as a portrait photographer, I love being able to document that step with you. Over the years, I’ve worked with many high school and college graduates, including friend groups and couples. It’s always an enjoyable way to spend the day, and it’s great to see all the fun photos that come out of every session. It’s worth hiring a graduation photographer, and today, I want to get into why!

Capture the Moment

When you hire a graduation photographer, you’re guaranteeing that this important life milestone gets captured. After all, finishing school is a big deal! I’ve known Madison since she was five years old and even photographed her high school prom. I loved that I was able to photograph her for her graduation from the School of Public Health. She’s heading to grad school at IU Indianapolis for occupational therapy, so it was great that we were able to capture this crucial moment in her life.

graduation photos at Indiana University Bloomington
college graduate at Indiana University Bloomington

Reward Your Hard Work

You deserve to be celebrated when you graduate! Photos are the perfect way to do that. Throughout your graduation session, we focus on you and your accomplishments! Marielle and Trenner were both engineering students who did an incredible job throughout school, and they wanted to showcase that hard work. So, I did individual sessions with them to show off their achievements and amazing personalities.

And don’t worry, if you’re not used to photos, I’ve got tips to help you feel confident in front of the camera.

hiring a graduation photographer
graduation photos at Purdue University
college graduate in cap and gown at Purdue University

Recognize the Important People

I love doing graduation sessions with multiple people! It’s such a great way to capture the dynamics and remember the people who were so important throughout your time at school. I had the opportunity to work with a fun group of engineering students from Purdue University. They had worked together throughout their time at school, creating projects and participating in several competitions. They’d even won several awards for their hard work! So, I loved that I got to take photos of all of them together for graduation.

I also got to work with Trev and Annie, a great couple, who both graduated from IU’s Optometry School with a Doctorate. They wanted to have couple photos on top of some solo shots, so we took the time to capture their relationship and their individual achievements!  

engineering graduates from Purdue University
why you should hire a graduation photographer

Document Your Hobbies

One of the many ways my clients take advantage of their graduation photos is to get photos of themselves doing the things they love. After all, our hobbies or extracurriculars are an important part of our lives, and photos are a way to celebrate that!

I was Carson’s graduation photographer when he graduated from undergrad, and when his parents reached out for his graduate degree, I was so excited to work with him again! After completing his degree at Indiana University Bloomington, we wanted to make sure we had photos of his sport. He was an IU tennis player, and that was an important part of his college experience. So, we took the time to have a quick session at the IU tennis courts.

graduation photos for Indiana University Bloomington graduate

Working with a Graduation Photographer

If you’re looking to capture the culmination of all your hard work, hiring a graduation photographer is the best way to do that! I’d love to work with you. Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, I’m here to help you document this moment. Reach out to me and tell me about yourself!

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