How to Be Confident in Front of the Camera

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As a wedding photographer, one of my biggest goals is making sure my clients feel confident in front of the camera. Many of my clients tell me that they’re awkward or quirky in front of the camera. Most of them have never taken professional photos before, so it’s a new experience for them! But I know that feeling comfortable in front of the camera is a big part of getting photos you love.

That’s why my top priority when I meet clients for the first time is to make them feel comfortable with me and help them feel less awkward in front of the camera! After all, when it comes to your wedding photos, there are steps you can take to be more confident in front of the camera.

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Pick The Right Photographer For You

This is the most important thing when it comes to getting back the wedding photos you’re looking for! You want a photographer who makes you feel comfortable. You’re going to be together all day, so you don’t want someone who you feel awkward with from the get-go. During your discovery call, you can get an idea of if your personalities will mesh and if your wedding day with them will be fun!

On top of picking the right photographer for you, it’s important to pick a photographer with experience. An experienced photographer will be able to help you pick poses that feel right to you as well as manage lighting and angles to make you look your best.

engagement session with dog
how to feel confident in front of the camera before your wedding

One of my past brides, Jenny, said, “My husband and I are awkward in photos, but Mika took charge and helped us look natural. She takes gorgeous photos, knows how to use light well, and takes great candid shots as well. Book her. She’s phenomenal.”

Have An Engagement Session

I recommend having your engagement session with your wedding photographer. This way, you can spend more time together and get comfortable. But even if you’re having an engagement session with another photographer, it’s good practice that will help you be more confident in front of the camera.

During my engagement sessions, I like doing a mixture of poses and candid photos. I give my clients prompts and help them navigate the poses so we can get those amazing, natural photos. Especially since many of my clients haven’t had professional photos before, I want to try to be as helpful as possible!

When I worked with Kwyn, she left a review after that, saying, “We have never taken professional pictures before, and she really worked with us to give us some ice breakers in order to get the perfect pictures!” I loved hearing that because that’s always my goal when working with couples. I’ll start with a few poses to get us started, and let the two of you get comfortable and enjoy the moment!

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Communicate With Your Wedding Photographer

When I photograph my clients, I always ask them to let me know if there are any poses that make them feel uncomfortable. Doing poses that don’t feel natural to you isn’t going to help you feel confident in front of the camera. So, you’ll want to let your photographer know if something feels off to you. Yet another reason why it’s so important to go with a photographer you feel comfortable with!

One of my favorite reviews ever comes from Olivia, who said, “She helped us feel confident and comfortable. She captured hundreds of amazing photos but didn’t make us feel like all we did was take photos that day. We still got to really enjoy the day.”

This was so important to me because I really do try to make sure my clients feel confident in front of the camera. Feeling comfortable on your wedding day means you’ll get back photos that you love. It means you get to relax and enjoy your day without needing to worry about the camera snapping in the background. You get to just have fun!

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If you’re looking for a photographer who’s ready to enjoy the day with you and give you amazing photos that you’ll love, reach out to me! I’d love to hear all about your wedding day plans.

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