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One of my favorite things as an engagement and wedding photographer is when couples bring along their dogs! It’s always so much fun, and I love the opportunity to capture photos of the whole family. But bringing along your dogs to your engagement session or wedding can be a bit complicated. This is why it’s always a good idea to have someone who can take care of them.

So, I brought in Eric Levitt, who is the owner of Your Day Dog Chauffeur here in Indianapolis, to tell us more about hiring a dog sitter. Your Day Dog Chauffeur is all about helping you include your dogs in your wedding without all the stress! I asked him some questions to get to know him and his business.

1) How did you get into dog sitting?

Since 2017, my business has been involved in professional pet care. In 2018, we started providing wedding day services for a select number of couples. In the fall of 2022, Your Day Dog Chauffeur was started to fill a large hole in the wedding industry — professional and personalized care and logistics for the couple who desires their dog(s) to be included in their most important day.

bride with her dog on her wedding day
bride and groom with their dog

2) What do you provide on the day of an engagement session/wedding day?

For engagement sessions, we provide transportation if necessary, but most importantly, photography assistance and handling for the couple during their engagement shoot. Photographers have a limited amount of time to perform during an hour-long session. So, we provide swift and efficient handling of the dogs to guarantee a smooth session.

On the wedding day, we provide every little detail of logistics for a couple to have a stress-free, dog-friendly wedding day. This includes transportation to and from the venue, professional handling of the dog(s) while at the venue, photography assistance, ceremony coordination and planning, and guest management, amongst a handful of special add-ons to enhance the opportunity for the furry guests.

engagement session with dogs

3) What advice do you have for your couples who want to include their pets?

As far as advice for a couple that desires their dogs in their wedding celebration, I would start by asking them to be optimistic and realistic with their expectations and consult with a professional service such as ours to come up with the best plan of action. There are a lot of important details to consider. When a couple hires a professional, they can relax on their wedding day, knowing all of the necessary steps have been taken and carefully prepared for.

Bloomington Indiana engagement session photographer

4) What is your favorite pet wedding moment?

Every wedding has a special memory in my heart and memory bank, but one moment is permanently etched into our minds. We were caring for an elderly dog at a wedding, and the bride and groom came whizzing by on a golf cart with their photographers. This old pup ran after them while connected to Eric by leash, so he put his Jordan I’s to good use and let her run after them for a memory so rich for all who witnessed.

Eric Levitt from Your Day Dog Chauffeur

I’m so glad I had the chance to talk to Eric! I think it’s so important for couples to be able to include their furry friends on their wedding day, and Eric gives them that opportunity. If you’re looking for a stress-free wedding day in Indianapolis, even with your dogs, I would encourage you to contact Your Day Dog Chauffeur!

It also helps to have a photographer who’s experienced with including your dogs as well! I’ve worked with so many dogs over the years, and I’m always ready for travel. You bring the pet, and I’ll bring the treats! For more information on working together for your engagement session or wedding, reach out to me today!

Credit for Photos of Eric: Allison Mae Photography

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