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I’m excited to share my interview with Bretta Thompson from Just the Two of Us! Just the Two of Us is an Indianapolis-based company centered on all your wedding-related needs, from planning to officiating. Their services are so unique that I knew I had to spotlight them on the blog! Bretta covers couples’ most frequently asked questions, from finding the perfect officiant to unique ways to personalize your wedding ceremony. You don’t want to miss these insider tips if you’re engaged! 

Interview with Bretta Thompson from Just the Two of Us

What are your top tips for finding an officiant?

I always tell my couples to look at the following factors:

  1. How many weddings have they officiated?
  2. How long have they been officiating?
  3. Does their business have insurance? In other words, is it a real business or more of a “side hustle” for them?
  4. What emergency plan(s) do they have in place? Do they have a backup officiant who can step in if necessary? If so, how experienced is that person?
  5.  Do they have a contract you can peruse?
  6. What are your payment options, and what are the conditions of payment? 

What are some unique elements couples can add to their ceremony?

Unity ceremonies are a great way to add a personal touch. We’ve even had couples create their own unity ceremony! For instance, we had a couple who ran marathons. He proposed in the middle of a race, so they each took a tennis shoe from THAT race and tied the laces together. Blended families often incorporate a unity ceremony such as a tree or flower planting, sand ceremony, or puzzle ceremony. 

We’ve had couples sing a song or play an instrument while performing their unity ceremony. We also love unities that have history! The Celtic handfasting is a popular one. 

Indianapolis wedding officiants - Just the Two of Us

We’ve also worked with couples who have observed cultural traditions such as the Chinese tea ceremony or foot washing. We encourage couples to add unique elements like these into their ceremony to make it more unique and personalized to them!

When should a couple book their officiant?

You should book your officiant as soon as possible! Couples aren’t waiting to book and lock in their vendors anymore. If you find someone you connect with and feel comfortable with? BOOK THEM ASAP! Otherwise, you run the risk of losing out on their services. 

How does Just the Two of Us personalize wedding ceremonies?

We love doing this! We work with each couple to custom-create their ceremony script. The goal is for it to sound like them and reflect their personalities. We want their guests to sit in those chairs, hear those words, and think, “WOW! That sounds exactly like them!”

We can add humor, personal backstories, or even just talk about their dogs (yes, we talk about dogs A LOT in ceremonies, and we love it!). 

Why Just the Two of Us is the best Indianapolis wedding officiant

Do you hold any pre-wedding sessions to prepare for the wedding day?

We always schedule a meeting with the couple to discuss their ceremony and script. This meeting is vital for gauging the direction they want their ceremony to go. Usually, this consultation happens three to four months before the wedding day. 

We can also attend and coordinate the couple’s wedding rehearsal if they don’t have a coordinator or planner. We’ve filled that role for many of our clients. And being a certified wedding and event planner, I’ve personally trained all our officiants (ten, to be exact!) to execute a rehearsal effectively.

Do you help couples obtain their marriage license?

We can absolutely guide them in this process. Because it is a legal document, they must apply for the license at the clerk’s office in their county of residence. Or, if they are NOT Indiana residents, they will need to apply in the county where the wedding is taking place. But we’re happy to help guide them along that process to make it as easy as possible.

Do you step out of the way for the kiss shot at the end of ceremonies?

OH MY YES! It’s a strict policy rule for our team: we get OUT of the way. That is NOT our moment. That is one of the most important shots you’ll get during your ceremony, so we always step out quickly. We also step to the side when you’re reading/exchanging vows so we aren’t standing awkwardly watching you read to each other. It also gives the photographer more time to get those great shots of you two exchanging the words you created for each other.

Sometimes, it’s hard for the photographer to get great photos of just you two without the officiant in there, so stepping away gives them more opportunities to capture those feelings without us in the way.

Bride and groom kissing at their Indianapolis wedding ceremony

Does a couple have to say vows, or can they just say, “I do?”

You don’t have to say vows if you have stage fright. We understand not everyone enjoys speaking in front of a room full of people. Going over every aspect of your ceremony is part of our custom script process! You also don’t have to exchange rings if you don’t wish to.

Do Indiana couples need wedding witnesses?

Nope! You don’t need wedding witnesses in Indiana, but you will receive a “decorative” copy for witness signatures that you may keep. 

Does a couple need to have a religious ceremony?

Absolutely not. Your wedding day is YOUR day. We will design your ceremony however you want!

How long is the average wedding ceremony?

95% of ceremonies are 30 minutes or less. That includes the processional and recessional. For instance, if your wedding ceremony starts at 4:00 P.M., you can expect to be freshly married and headed to the party by 4:30!

Indiana wedding photographer - Mika LH

Thank you, Bretta, for taking the time to answer these questions! If you’re an Indiana couple, I hope this post is helpful as you begin brainstorming what you want your wedding ceremony to look like. Are you interested in booking Just the Two of Us as your Indianapolis officiant? Submit an inquiry today! For experience and quality of service, you won’t find a better vendor to partner with to create your perfect wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for your Indiana wedding photographer, reach out to me! I’d love to hear all about your plans.


Photography: Mika LH

Officiant: Just the Two of Us

Indianapolis wedding ceremony officiated by Just the Two of Us

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