Hiking Elopement Inspiration in Turkey Run State Park

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Turkey Run State Park is one of my favorite locations for an Indiana elopement! Located 69 miles west of Indianapolis along scenic Sugar Creek and boasting picturesque canyons and sandstone cliffs, it’s the perfect place to escape for an intimate vow exchange.

Many assume that couples elope because they want to get married “in secret.” However, the truth is that most couples who elope just want the freedom to be fully present with each other. And while most elopements tend to be on the beach or in the mountains, Indiana couples have plenty of options in their home state (believe it or not, we have more than cornfields here!). If you and your partner want to elope but prefer not to travel far, this Turkey Run State Park elopement inspiration might be just the encouragement you need to set a date.

Turkey Run State Park Hiking Elopement

I self-styled this free-spirited hiking elopement to show how easy it is to plan your private vow exchange in the beautiful Turkey Run State Park. There are so many stunning locations within the park. However, for this shoot, I wanted to highlight the dramatic scenery of the Punch Bowl! Formed by ancient glacial debris, this small box canyon with a softly flowing waterfall is the perfect intimate enclave for an elopement ceremony.

On the morning of their elopement, the bride and groom went on a hike to admire the autumn leaves. Along the way, they stopped to rest and write their personalized vows to each other. Then, they returned to their lodging at the Turkey Run Inn to change into their wedding attire! After getting ready, they began the hike to the Punch Bowl. The scenic route took them over the park’s iconic suspension bridge over Sugar Creek before arriving at the secluded canyon. 

After the bride and groom exchanged their vows beside the waterfall, we hit the nearby trails for a photoshoot. The couple carried backpacks with “Just Married” wooden signs and wore hiking boots to navigate the terrain. If you and your partner love to spend time together in nature, this styled elopement shows how you can easily make that part of your special day (as long as you don’t mind a little dirt on the hem of your gown!).

Indiana Elopement Photographer

If you’re considering eloping in Indiana, I hope this Turkey Run State Park elopement inspiration showed you that you can still have an incredible experience without traveling far. After all, what matters most is that you and your partner are together, spending the day doing your favorite things. This beautiful park would also be a fantastic engagement session location! Whether you envision hiking on the trails or splashing in Sugar Creek, I would be delighted to come along and capture it. Contact me with your vision, and we’ll make it happen!


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Turkey Run State Park

Hiking elopement in Turkey Run State Park

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