4 Reasons You Should Book a Bridal Session


As a wedding photographer, many brides ask me if they should book a bridal session. My answer is always yes! These sessions are the perfect opportunity to get comfortable with your photographer and destress before the big day arrives. Plus, it’s another opportunity to wear the gown of your dreams!

However, if you’re on the fence about booking, it may help to gain a deeper understanding of what a bridal session is and why booking one is beneficial. That’s why I’m here! I’ll walk you through everything you need to know while sharing a few highlights from a session I shot on Lake Michigan.

What is a Bridal Session?

A bridal session is a portrait session featuring the bride, usually scheduled before the wedding day. Typically, brides wear their wedding gowns, but this isn’t a requirement! Sometimes, it’s fun to wear a different dress that symbolizes being a bride and is easier to move in, as in this Lake Michigan session. Additionally, brides usually schedule a hair and makeup trial before their session. Some even get a fresh bouquet from their florist!

Bridal session at Miller Beach on Lake Michigan

Reasons to Book a Bridal Session

See Your Finished Look

A bridal session is a perfect opportunity to see how your finished look comes together, including your gown, bouquet, makeup, hair, and accessories, before the big day arrives. That way, you can make any tweaks necessary to feel like your most confident self. Or, you can continue as planned with the confidence that your look comes together exactly as you envisioned!

Stress-Free Portraits

A bridal session represents free, uninterrupted one-on-one time with your photographer to capture the portraits of your dreams. Trust me when I say that time on your wedding day will be limited! You’ll also look your best during your session since you’ll get to relax without the pressure of time constraints. If portraits are one of your top priorities, don’t hesitate to book!

Bridal session at Miller Beach on Lake Michigan

Bond With Your Photographer

Similarly, you can get to know your photographer at your bridal session, especially if you haven’t met them yet. As a photographer, I prefer meeting you before your wedding day! Getting to know you helps me capture you better on the big day. Conversely, for the bride, it helps to go into your wedding day already feeling comfortable with your photographer.

Unique Location

The location of your bridal session will depend on the look you want! I love photographing brides at their venues so that their photos are more cohesive, but some want to take a different, more unique approach. I love that, too! For example, this session took place on the shores of Lake Michigan at Miller Beach. The natural, beachy setting gave the session an ethereal look and feel that we couldn’t have accomplished at a traditional venue.

Reasons to book a bridal session

If you’re considering booking a bridal session, I encourage taking the plunge! I love shooting these sessions and helping brides feel like their most beautiful selves. To get started, simply fill out my contact form. I can’t wait to get to know you!


Photography: Mika LH

Location: Miller Beach, Lake Michigan

Floral Design: Bit of Madness

Hair: Meraki Beauty Lounge

Makeup: Liv Santaquilani

Mika LH Photography - Indiana Wedding Photographer

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