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Congratulations, you just got engaged! Now it’s time to plan the wedding! While wedding planning can certainly be fun, it can also quickly get overwhelming if you don’t have the right guidance. I recommend all of my brides hire a wedding planner in some capacity to help them make sure that their big day runs smoothly and so that they can truly enjoy the wedding celebration while leaving all the details to the professionals. The sooner you hire your wedding planner, the smoother your planning process will be!

While many venues have venue managers, they are not the same as wedding planners. Their job is to take care of the venue, not all the little details that go into a wedding. Trust me, having a wedding planner will be something you won’t regret! To help highlight how incredible planners are, I wanted to share four main reasons why you need a wedding planner for your wedding day.


Why you need a wedding planner Why you need a wedding planner

Creating A Timeline

Believe it or not – creating a timeline for a wedding is a lot harder than it looks. Wedding planners are experts at putting together a timeline that allows your big day to go off without a hitch! There are so many vendors that work together to make your day incredible, all with their own timelines. Your wedding planner will work with you and the vendors, to create a comprehensive timeline so that everyone is on the same page. You need a timeline that accounts for various details and lets everyone know where they need to be throughout the day. They will also help us create a Plan B in case of inclement weather so that you feel comfortable no matter what the day brings.

What does a wedding planner do Why you need a wedding planner

Wedding Planners Help You Stay on Track

Your wedding day is going to be a long day – and a busy one! It is easy to start letting things like hair and makeup, first look photos, etc. start running long. When this happens, you can quickly get off schedule leading to a delayed ceremony and cutting into your reception party time. To avoid stress, your wedding planner will be there to keep track of the timeline for you. They will also be there when vendors arrive at the venues and make sure everything is happening according to the timeline and there are no delays.

Why you need a wedding planner 4 reasons to hire a wedding planner

Takes Away Unwanted Stress

As fun as wedding planning can be, it can also be quite stressful. There are so many moving pieces to hosting a wedding and coordinating with vendors that it can quickly become overwhelming. Hiring a wedding planner lets you enjoy being engaged and enjoy your wedding day while leaving all the stress to the professionals. Wedding planners have experience in how to work with different vendors and turn your vision into a reality. They know how to handle tricky situations so that you don’t have to sweat them! This lets you show up, enjoy your wedding and not stress the small stuff! The last thing you want on your wedding day is for something to happen and no one is there to handle it.

Wedding planning tips Indiana Wedding Planners

Brings Your Wedding Vision to Life

If you have been planning your wedding day since you were little, I’m sure you have a beautiful vision for your big day. Hiring a wedding planner can help you bring this vision to life. Share your ideas, inspiration, and vision with your wedding planner, and let them do what they do best- bring it all to life! They have an amazing network of vendors that they know and trust to help pull all the details together. They can also help you find the best vendors and rentals for designing your day. Your planner can also help you save costs, since they know your budget and will help you find the right fit for your budget.

Indiana Wedding Planners What does a wedding planner do What does a wedding planner do

My Wedding Planner Recommendations

If you are looking for a wedding planner based in Bloomington, IN, or one who travels all over Indiana, here are some of my favorites:

Sincerely Yours Planning Service

Dove Tail Weddings

Bridget Davis Events

All In The Details

Once you’ve started your wedding planning, one of the next things you’ll do is hire your wedding photographer! I love to capture stories around the Midwest, from Bloomington to Indianapolis.




Venue: Whippoorwill Hill

Laurilyn Floral Design: Laurilyn Floral Design

Classic Cakes: Classic Cakes Carmel

Planning Service: Sincerely Yours Wedding Planning Events

DJ: Mark Allam

Hair & Makeup: The Mane

Wedding Dress: The Wedding Studio Greenwood

Catering: Kahn’s Catering

Photography: Mika LH Photography

Why you need a wedding planner

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