5 Fun Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

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Your fur babies are like members of the family, so why not make them part of your wedding day? Whether your venue allows animals onsite or not, there are tons of Pinterest-worthy ways to include your pet in your wedding. Today, I’m sharing five of my favorites!

Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

Include Them in Your Ceremony

If your venue allows pets onsite, this is one of the most memorable ways to make your fur babies part of your wedding day. Give them a front-row seat to your vows with your VIPs, or make them your ring-bearer or flower pup! Don’t forget to dress them for the occasion in a themed collar or bowtie. 

Take Pre-Ceremony Pictures Together

Even if your pet can’t attend your ceremony, you can still sneak them into your wedding day gallery. Get ready in a pet-friendly location so your fur baby can be part of those photos (and help you work out those pre-wedding jitters!). Alternatively, bring your pup along for your first look and pre-ceremony portraits with your partner. You’ll cherish these photos of the whole family from your special day!

Ways to include your pet in your wedding

Incorporate Them Into Your Reception Decor

This is a sweet way to honor your pet, especially if you won’t be able to spend quality time with them on your wedding day. It’s also a great way to add that personal touch to your wedding reception! Add your pet’s likeness to your signage, cake topper, cocktail napkins, or any other detail you desire. Not only will it make you smile as you celebrate, but it’ll also make the perfect wedding keepsake.

Ways to include your pet in your wedding

Put Them On Your Invitation

Likewise, your save-the-date cards and invitations are an often-overlooked opportunity for personalization and honoring your furry friend. Consider working with a custom stationery artist to create a custom illustration of your pet to feature in your invitation suite. Or, bring your pet along for your engagement session so they can be part of your save-the-dates. I love meeting my couple’s fur babies!

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Name a Specialty Cocktail After Them

Many couples serve specialty cocktails for themselves at their reception, so why not add a third option to the mix? Have your bartender mix up a drink of your choosing to name after your furry friend, complete with a custom bar sign featuring an illustration of your pet.

Ways to include your pet in your wedding

Hire Professional Wedding Day Pet Care

If you plan to bring your pet onsite to your wedding venue, I can’t recommend hiring professional wedding day pet care more strongly. Hiring someone familiar with pets to manage and care for your fur babies will ensure their safety and comfort and your peace of mind! Your Day Dog Chauffeur offers this service for Indy couples and always does a fantastic job. Read more about them here!

And if you’re looking to hire a photographer who’s ready to capture you and your furry loved one, reach out to me! I’d love to hear all about your plans!

Mika LH - Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

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