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I often get asked by my couples why I include a second photographer in my wedding day packages. I believe that having a second photographer is a huge benefit and something that you will be so thankful to have!

What is a second photographer, you might ask? A second photographer is just that – a second photographer who I hire to work alongside me on your wedding day. Sometimes this is called a second shooter. While I will be the primary shooter on your day, the second photographer allows me to get so many additional detail shots and different angles of your wedding day. There are so many little moments, and I want to make sure that we are able to capture them all! While I spend the day focusing on the two of you and the wedding as a whole, my second shooter will be there to capture all the other important moments of the day. Today, I want to share my top reasons for having a second photographer at your wedding!

Capturing all the details

Whenever I have a second photographer work with me, there are several jobs I usually assign so that I can focus on other things throughout the wedding day. I usually like to focus on the bride, and I ask the second photographer to focus on the groom. This works out well when the couple is not going to see each other before their first look or ceremony. We can keep each other informed on where the bride and groom are. This also helps when getting ready locations are at different locations. This allows me to go to the bride’s location and the second photographer can go to the groom’s location. Or if the ceremony and reception are in different locations I can stay at the ceremony location to take family photos after the ceremony and the second photographer can head over to the reception location to take photos of details and the guests mingling before the bride and the groom arrive.

summer wedding in Indiana Benefits of a second photographer for your Indiana Wedding

Get both first look reactions

If you decide to do a first look on your wedding day, having a second photographer there is important. The second photographer and I can be on opposite ends and we can take different angles. This really lets you get so many different shots, and see every little detail.

Why You Need a Second Photographer for your wedding day

Get every angle of the ceremony

Having two photographers means more coverage and more photos. We will often have one photographer at the ceremony photographing you coming down the aisle. The second shooter will be at the back capturing the groom’s reaction. That way, you will get continuous shots of the whole ceremony rather than just one angle.  You’ll be able to have shots of the ceremony from far away, close up, and from the sides. Not to mention, you’ll get the guests’ reactions!

Benefits of a second photographer for your Indiana Wedding 5 reasons you need a second shooter for your wedding

Don’t miss any bridal party photos & portraits

A second photographer can also act as an assistant. Sometimes hair is in faces or dresses, boutonnieres, or ties are out of place too. This would be a good time for the second photographer to help me fix that while I get ready to take photos. Another big reason is if you are getting ready in two different spots. I can be with the bridal party, and my second photographer can be with the groom’s party! I’m able to photograph and completely focus on you while you get ready, and my second photographer can capture everything that’s happening in your partner’s getting-ready location. This way, you won’t miss any of the moments that are happening because I’m trying to run back and forth between two locations!

bridal portraits for summer wedding in Indiana bride and groom portraits in Indiana


Never miss a moment at the reception

A second photographer gives you more pictures during your reception. We can split up and get guest portraits, as well as different areas of the reception hall. This is especially great if you have a large venue in which guests are roaming around!

Another great plus is that during the cocktail hour, after family portraits, and while we are photographing couple’s portraits, the second shooter can be photographing the reception details and the guests! My couples love to be able to see everyone enjoying the cocktail hour. Sometimes I ask the second photographer to take photos behind the scenes of me taking photos of my clients. Behind the scenes photos are helpful for social media or for the website!

5 reasons you need a second shooter for your wedding summer wedding in Indiana

Are you planning a wedding in Indiana? Drop me a note and tell me all about your wedding day! I would love to hear how I can help you capture your wedding day memories!

Benefits of a second photographer for your Indiana Wedding

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