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Wedding Tips

Backyard weddings can be so much fun! They’re often personal and allow you to really customize your wedding. However, they’re also more work than you might think. There are tons of details to take care of, including things you wouldn’t normally need to worry about if you picked a traditional venue. The good news is that with some backyard wedding tips in your pocket, you can create an amazing backyard wedding.

Essential Backyard Wedding Tips

Before you even start planning, check with your local city guidelines. Some cities may not allow large events due to noise and fire ordinances. So be sure to double-check before you book any vendors! You will also want to contact your homeowner’s insurance to see if you can get an additional or supplemental policy to cover your wedding.

Summertime Backyard Wedding

Make sure you have the right space

It might surprise you how much space a tent takes up. And yes, you should definitely have a tent! Then, you won’t need to worry about shade if it’s hot or getting drenched if it’s raining. Then, you can keep guests comfortable no matter what happens that day! As you pick an area for your backyard wedding, find an area that is flat and level. A dance floor and tent will need a level surface. This will also make sure guests can walk around easily.

In general, you’ll need an area for the ceremony, a tented reception, and space for the catering team to set up. Remember that the catering team needs a tent too!

Don’t forget the important details

One of my best backyard wedding tips is not to forget the electricity and the restrooms. Most homes can’t handle all the lights and items needed for a wedding, like lighting, sound system, and catering. So, be sure to have a generator on hand for that extra power!

Restrooms are also absolutely essential. You don’t want everyone going through the house, especially if you have a large guest lists. Odds are, you’ll need to rent extra bathrooms.

Additionally, you might need to think about parking. If there will be a lot of cars, make sure there are places to park off the street. If guests will be staying in a downtown area, consider having a trolley or bus pick up guests from the hotel and drop them off at home. This way they don’t have to worry about cars!

Inform your neighbors

Let your neighbor know what your plans are and make compromises if needed, especially when it comes to cars and loud music. A little consideration goes a long way! Give them a gift or offer to pay for a nice dinner out.

Make sure your vendors see the space

Before you book a rental company for big ticket items, like the tent, make sure they see the space. They’ll help you figure out if you can fit everything you need or if the area is flat enough for the dance floor. Your caterer will also need to see the space before your wedding. This way they can let you know if they need additional rentals or power.

Ask family and friends to help

The benefit of a backyard wedding is that you can really personalize it. Your friends and family are a big part of this! See how and what they want to contribute. Our friends and family often want to help, and with a backyard wedding, you can never have enough support!

Make it fun!

You can really go out with a backyard wedding when it comes to creating an enjoyable event for your family and friends. Have some outdoor games! Giant Jenga and cornhole are two great games for cocktail hour. My clients Ana and Craig had a Polaroid guestbook for their backyard wedding!

My collection of backyard wedding tips has come from shooting so many backyard weddings. I love how intimate and fun they can be! They can be a lot of work to plan, but they’re so worth it. If you’re beginning to plan your own outdoor wedding, I’d love to hear from you! I can help you document those incredible memories that you’re making in the beauty of your own backyard.

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